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Борщ (Borsch) - Traditional Russian Beet soupБорщ (Borsch) - Traditional Russian Beet soup

Borsch is a traditional Russian soup dating back to the end of 18th century. The main ingredients are red beets and a broth from pork or beef on a bone.

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2 Lbs Meat
3 Potatoes, cubed
2 med. beets , grated
2 Carrots, grated
1 Lbs Cabbage, shredded
1 15 oz can Tomato sauce
1 Tbsp Sugar
3 Qrts Water
Salt to taste, about 1 Tbsp.

Cook meat in 3 qrts of water. Peel potatoes, cut them in 1 inch cubes. Peel and grate carrots and beets, shred cabbage. When meat almost cooked add potatoes, cook for about 15 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and cook until meat and all vegetables cooked.
Serving suggestions:

Serve with sour cream, dark Russian of whole wheat bread. For garlic lovers serve it with clove of garlic.

Beef Soop  Beets(4)  Borsch(2)  Cabbage(3)  Pork Soop  Potatoes(8)
Soup(7)  Tomato Sauce  

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